It's a Snowball Fight!
It's a Snowball Fight!
It's a Snowball Fight!
It's a Snowball Fight!

It's a Snowball Fight!

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Available for instant download after purchase!!!

Game comes in PDF format. 


The It's a Snowball Fight set includes the following items:
  • Set up/Game instructions.
  • Easy to follow instructions making game set up easy!! 
  • One PDF measuring 8.5x11in. with two Snowpeople per page! 
  • (One with a bowtie and one with a bow)
  • One PDF measuring 8.5x11in. featuring our Back Design with a little poem and instructions on game play. To be printed on the back of the Snowpeople. 
  • Please note: Files come zipped in .ZIP folder to keep size down. Working knowledge of your computer and how to unzip files is a must!
Items Needed? 
  • Adobe Reader (the latest FREE version may be found at 
  • You will either need to print at home or a local print shop. (NOT a photo lab!!) 
  • A Gift Bag (Optional)
  • Envelope large enough to fit the snowpeople after being cut out. 
  • Treat (Either cute or sweet) 
How does it work?
The idea behind the game is to continue having fun with your neighbors even when its a little to cold to be outside. The beginning player will purchase then print out the game pieces (we suggest printing out quiet a few sheets so the game may continue on) and include with them a treat. Whether it be cute or sweet. (Full instructions are included with game!) They will then "hit" their neighbor with the snowball by leaving the item for the neighbor to find upon their door. That neighbor will then place the snow person on their door or in a a window so that it is in view and to let the other neighbors know they have already been hit. Then it is their turn to gift the next neighbor. And so on and so on.... the game continues on. 
For my family the fun came after we had "hit" our neighbor with the first snowball. It was fun to see them start to pop up in other neighbors windows as the game continued! 

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