FAQ's & Trouble Shooting

Our FAQ's & Trouble Shooting page is a great resource for answers to questions that are frequently asked about our printables!

Also included are trouble shooting tips for the most common issues that may happen with our printables! 

If your questions are not answered here please feel free to contact us


... What software is needed to edit files?

UPDATE!! UPDATE!! We are updating our site to offer more flexible options in editing. Please view each listing individually as these changes take place as the software required will be changing!! 

Our files are created to work with Adobe Reader/Acrobat. NO other PDF editing software will work with our files.


... May I share the printables with my friends? 

No, our printables are only intended for personal use. You (the buyer) may edit and print as many times as you like with no limits as long as the intended use is for yourself. Please do not alter my designs in anyway other than editing the text in the editable fields that are provided. 


... Do you offer custom designs?

We do! We take a limited number per month. Prices vary based on the amount of work. Please contact us for more information and our availability. 


... When will you begin work on my custom order?

Work will not begin on custom orders until payment is received in full. To be worked in the time frame agreed upon between buyer and seller. Digital files will be delivered through email.


... Will you customize printables to match another shops invite design?

No, we will not. 


... Am I able to use your products for commercial use? 

No, our party printables and other products are for personal, individual or non-profit use only. You may not sell our pre-made digital printables (ex: candy bar wrappers, cupcake wrappers, topper-tags, banners) in digital or printed form. They are for personal, individual or non-profit use only.

We do have digital paper packs that are available for commercial use in our market. Which may be found here: www.paperwillowdesigns.etsy.com or https://www.paperwillowmarket.com/collections/digital-papers 


... What format do your Party Printables come in? 

Our party printable's will come with the option to choose the format that best suits your needs. Those options will be PDF, JPG, and in some cases PNG format. 


... How do I receive my printables? 

Most of our printable's are available for instant download/access! Usually within 5 minutes of a sale a link to your file will be emailed to the account of record. 

  • There are those few who are not, for example custom orders.
  • For those that are instant download you will be emailed upon purchase with a link to your downloads.
  • If you do not receive an email within 30-60 minutes please check your spam folder. That is usually where it may be found!


... Will I be able to edit the printable's on a mobile device? Tablet or phone? 

YES! With the changes we are making to our site you will now be able to make simple edits using a phone or mobile device using your web browser. For more in depth edits we do still recommend using your computer.  


... How do you open a .Zip file? .Zip files will not open? 

Some of our .zip files may be rather large, especially our Party Printable Sets. Because of this some computers already installed programs may have problems opening the files. You will need an extraction software to extract the files. For example 7zip, WinZip or Stuffit Expander.


... Why is there a font file or link included in my zip folder? 

Although we strive to embed all of the fonts used into our printable's, on occasion we are unable to. For this reason you may find a link to a website with the free font or the font files included with the printable's. In these cases the fonts will need to be installed to your computer before being able to edit your printable. 


... Will I be able to change the font style, color, and size? 

Some files are secured (locked) and only fillable by the buyer. With the changes in our shop some items will have the ability to choose between fonts and some colors. 


... How do I edit the files? 

Follow the link in email to your files via your web browser! 


... Why is the font changing/different than showed in the listing? &/or Why are the font letters being cut off? 

Simply and honestly, you have the editable file open in another pdf editing program other than Adobe Reader. The files are ONLY compatible with Adobe Reader.

Please close out of the file, delete the file, and empty the trash on your computer. Once those steps have been done, download or launch Adobe Reader (it's FREE! at www.get.adobe.com/reader), re-download your printable files, launch Adobe Reader, then choose File>Open>Choose the file you would like to edit. These steps MUST be followed for you files to work correctly again. As opening the files in another program changes the editable features of the file, and the only way to reset them is to completely erase and re-download.  


... What if my wording doesn't fit? 

We strive to make ample space on our party printable's for your information to fit. However there are times that we fall short of the mark. Please contact us and we will gladly help resolve this for you. 


... Why do my banners only have a few letters and not fully say Happy Birthday or Baby Shower? For example just an “H” &/or “A”.

To keep files sizes down and to give you more options, our banners are made to be editable by you. To say anything that you would like for them to. Most come on a single page with two flags with sample letters typed in. Just type in the first two letters, then save &/or print. Then type over those two letters with the next two in your message and so on until you are finished.


... Are the files compatible with Silhouette, Circuit  or similar cutting machines? 

No, our files are in PDF format. Not SVG or any other type to be used with a cutting machine. 


... Are the files compatible with Avery precut formats? 

No, my files are not formatted to print on any specific type of pre-formatted or pre-cut label paper. To print as stickers on sticker paper you will need to print on FULL-PAGE sticker/label paper and trim out the designs after printing. 


 ... Am I able to change the size of the party printable? 

 No, if you would like one of our products in a different size please contact us. 


... What paper should I use for printing party printables? 

I recommend using a heavy weight card stock (80 lb. or 110 lb.) for most of my party printable's. Sizes are US letter (8.5x11in.) 


... Do you offer printing? 

No we do not offer printing at this time. All of our party printables are digital files. No tangible product will be sent.  


... Why is the color different than shown when printed? 

The files do not change from order to order - but colors may appear different from monitor to monitor and printer to printer. The color your file prints out may vary depending on which printer is used, the type of paper used and even the printer settings. This is beyond our control and as such we are not responsible for the resulting color variations that may occur. There will also be no refunds, or color revisions.  


Please note: We are always happy to answer questions but cannot provide comprehensive technical support. You need to have a working knowledge of your computer and at least some knowledge of the software needed for editing the printable files. Google and Youtube are great resources for troubleshooting/learning how to work your software/computer.