File Types and Differences

Being able to now choose the file format you want from our shop it really opens up the possibilities for printing, but it can also get confusing. This page was created to help! We will break down the different files types in the hopes to help you make an informed decision about what you need in different scenarios. 

File Formats/Types:

The three (3) file formats are: 

      • JPEG - Single 5x7 - perfect for photo labs.  
      • PDF - 2 invitations measuring 5x7 each that come on a 8.5x11 page layout. Print at home or a local copy and print shop. 
      • PNG - Single 5x7 - Email and Social Media. 

    Although a little information is already included here let's break it down further. 

    • PDF files are the right fit if you would like to have your files printed at a copy and print shop like Staples, Office Depot or a locally owned copy and print shop. The come with two invitations per 8.5x11 sheet and usually best printed on card stock. ( I personally do this option and go with a 110lb card stock in white for invitations ). 
    • JPG files work if you would rather have the file printed at a photo lab such as Vista Print, Walmart, Costco etc. I am familiar with Walmart in that my local one offers Glossy, Matte, or Premium Card Stock. 

    It really comes down to personal choice and preference of where you would want it printed for these two options. So where does PNG come into play? Well....... 

    What if you don't want to print? Maybe you would just like to email all of your friends a single invite... or create an event on social media and post the digital invitation.

    In this case PNG is the way to go. It holds quality better than a JPG file making it better for social media use. JPG files tend to break down over time of being opened and closed. PNG files not so much. Making them the better choice in this case. 

    Hopefully this helps answer any questions that you may have over file type. If I missed something please contact us and ask away!!  Also.... 


     Please note!

    For most of our products you may only be given two out of the three choices we just went over. In most cases when only two file formats/types are available it is a safety/precautionary measure to protect our designs from being misused. 

    Fair warning, do not ask for the missing file type on these items. It will not happen. All files are already available in the format that I offer. If it only has two then it only has the two.